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Mead and mixed drinks

Mead is a suitable supplement for the preparation of a variety of mixed drinks. Mead tastes excellent with fruit like grapes, oranges, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, as well as with certain types of quality cognacs, wines and juices.

Detroit – strong, perfect for Friday night

4 parts of Original Slovak mead

2 parts of currents juice

1 part of good quailty Vodka

1 part of Cointreau or any other orange liqueur

little lime and orange juice


At the bottom of the glass pour currant juice, mix remaining ingredients in shaker and pour over the currant juice, serve in a wide long-stemmed glasses.


Apimosa - little dirty cocktail that will        

                 put a smile on your face

2 parts Cherry Mead

1 part orange juice


Pour juice to glass and pour mead on the top of juice over the spoon.


Honey Mojito - drink for sunny day

1 dcl Old Slavic mead dark

2 cl lime juice

1 teaspoon of acacia honey


ice, mint


Put honey to glass with thick bottom, then mint and ice. Over all of this pour lime juice and pour mead and soda.


Ice Mead - drink for hot day

1 part Old Slavic mead light

1 part sparkling grape juice

2 cl lemon juice

5 cl soda

lime, grapes


Mix sparkling grape juice with a Old Slavic mead light 1:1.

Add lemon juice, soda and ice and you can start to drink.

Do not forget to add lime circles and sliced white grapes.


Rough Honey Beer - drink for night

                                  with rough friends

1 part of good quality rum

2 parts Old Slavic mead dark

1 small beer


Mix 0.5 dcl of good quality rum with 1 dcl mead, pour a little beer by

your choice.


Quick Bee - color-different drink

2 parts Cherry Mead

1 part Grenadina

2 parts Absinth


Serve in thick-walled glass, pour firts honey wine, then grenadine and absinthe.


Cherry Apishake - traditional ladie's drink

1 dcl Cherry mead

1,5 dcl milk

1 teaspoon honey

3-4 cherries


Mix all together and decorate with a cherry.


Sangria with Mead 

5 dcl Old Slavic Mead  Light

0,5 dcl gin

1 dcl red wine

0,5 dcl cognac

2 dcl Fanta orange

3 tbsp blossom honey

lemon, orange, peach, pear, ice


Erotic Whirlwind


0,5 dcl Trnava Mead

0,3 dcl whisky cream

0,3 dcl vodka

1 dcl chilled milk

blueberries, raspberries


Gentle Caress

1 dcl Trnava Mead

1 dcl milk

teaspoon of instatnt coffee

honey to taste

strawberries, blueberries