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How to serve

We recommend drinking the chilled Mead at 12 to 16 °C. Chilled Mead is best enjoyed from a stemmed glass of the tulip shape, where the beautiful bouquet can be developed and enjoyed. The heady scent coming out of the surface of tasted Mead, enables you to enjoy this royal drink perfectly.

Serving of chilled mead:


Serving of hot mead:

We recommend you to drink hot Mead at 50 - 55 °C. Hot Mead should be served in whiskey or ceramic jars to keep the serving temperature of Mead longer. When warmed, the flavours’ of honey, herbs and spices stand out even more. We never cook the Mead, the taste and smell properties could be adversely affected and the precious alcohol could fade.


One good advice at the end: Hot Mead is best enjoyed in a pure state as it was made by the manufacturer, not diluted with water or other liquids.

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Mead, as a typical Slovak toast drink.

How to serve mead properly?

When and at what occasions should mead be drunk:


Mead is not just a winter or Christmas drink, it tastes just as good in every other season, it should only be served properly. Chilled mead with a slice of lemon refreshes the summer heat, hot mead is the ideal partner for the long winter evenings. Mead is also excellent as aperitif drink


It may enrich a family celebration, major life events such as weddings, graduations and anniversaries. It is recommended to drink it in the company of good friends, with closest family, when we want to experience extraordinary and memorable moments together.