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Frequently asked questions

What is mead? What is it made of?

Mead is…fermented HONEY! Yes, mead is produced by natural fermentation of honey solution with wine yeasts. Meads usually differ depending on types of honey, but some of the meads are flavored with natural essence of cherry or nuts.


How to serve mead?

When we want to compare mead with other alcohol, the closest one is wine.  It has similar content of alcohol and we serve it in a wine glass or any tulip shape glass. To serve hot mead use whiskey glass or ceramic jar to keep temperature in.


Cold or warm?

You can drink mead cold, in a room temperature or warm. Cold mead with ice and lemon is very refreshing in summer. When you like warm mead, heat it up to 50-55°C without water or spice.  


How long can I keep it after opening a bottle? 

As soon as the mead is open, just keep it in a fridge or cold pantry and it will last for months. If it’s closed, there is no expiry.  Date on the bottle is date of filling.


What food does it go well with?

Mead is very good as a desert wine because of its sweetness. On the other side, it goes very well with duck, goose, ham or cheese.

Our tip: simply enjoy it with comfort of your sofa.


What is alcohol content of mead?

Our mead is 13,5% but most of the traditional meads are from 12-14%


What honey we use? Where does it come from?

Honey used in our production is solely from selected beekeepers and the clearest areas in Slovakia. We never use honey supplements or sugar and never import honey from other countries.