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About Mead

Mead is a fermented alcoholic beverage made from honey – honey wine. It is a natural beverage with sweet taste and soft honey bouquet. It is produced by the fermentation of honey solution with wine yeasts. Mead made by traditional technology contains mostly 12 - 14% of alcohol.

Mead – wine with the honey soul.

Mead and history

MEAD has always been considered as a source of life, wisdom, courage and strength. The Ancient Greeks, Romans, Celtic and Germanic tribes knew it. It is regarded as the properly Slavic drink. Our ancestors, old Slav’s drank Mead at the significant gender and tribal celebrations from what we can conclude, as the drink had special and solemn character. MEAD is considered as the oldest beverage in the world. It is assumed that the first Mead occurred even before the first person on Earth. The honey had fermented with the rain water in the hollows of trees inhabited by bees and thus, was produced the first Mead. Later on it was discovered by the first man and such was it’s taste, that he began to produce it for his own use.

Mead and health

Mead combines the healing effects and uniqueness flavour of honey, herbs and spices. The Mead produced by APIMED contains in 1ltr of Mead, almost 0.5kg of honey. Honey found in such abundance in the Mead has beneficial effects for disorders of the digestive system and the cardiovascular system. Also important are the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects of honey particularly by inflammations of the throat and upper respiratory tract. Mead is also considered as a love potion for its alleged aphrodisiac effects.

Mead and food

mead and food2 mead and food

Mead tastes excellent with goose or duck liver. Gourmets appreciate it by serving of duck or goose breast with potato pancakes, it can also be served with smoked ham as well. Lovers of cheese delicacies enjoy its uniqueness, especially with sweeter varieties of cheese. Something completely different are the desserts, especially chocolate desserts, fruit or nut ones which are appropriately completed by the Mead.